About Us

Innovation Starts Here

Since 1980 Fiberglass Innovations has been a leading American manufacturer of a wide range of pultruded fiberglass products designed to offer superior performance as compared to the traditional materials they replace. What started with the production of a few simple fiberglass handles for hand tools for our sister company, DASCO PRO, has grown over the years into a diverse range of standard and custom products fabricated from thousands of feet of pultruded fiberglass every hour. On any given day, products produced on the 156,000 sq. ft. shop floors at Fiberglass Innovations could include:

  • Handles for axes, hammers, sledges, mops, rakes and firefighter rescue tools
  • Poles for golf flagsticks and training aids, fences, driveway markers and utility application
  • I-beams, utility pole cross arms, seawalls and other structural components made from fiberglass pultrusions

We’re the Power in Pultrusion

Today, more companies than ever are turning to fiberglass pultrusions to enhance product performance in corrosive environments, reduce weight, add strength and lower cost. Applications are nearly limitless and benefits far-reaching. For many, Fiberglass Innovations is their supplier of first choice. We simply make the process faster, and outcome more successful, with:

American Ingenuity:

Our sister company, DASCO PRO has been in the forged hand tool industry since 1922, and serves every major American retailer with their American-made products. Where the majority of our competitors either no longer exist or are manufacturing off-shore, we’ve stood the test of time by reacting faster, designing better, and delivering more results. We call it ‘American Ingenuity’, and you’ll find it alive and well at Fiberglass Innovations.

Exceptional Resources:

Small to large…thick to thin wall…complex to simple…epoxy to polyester…commodity or custom…we have the process expertise, equipment and profiles to design, pultrude and fabricate the widest range of parts to meet any volume requirement. See our CAPABILITIES for more information.

Our ‘Can Do’ Culture:

We like to say, ‘Imagine it…we can make it.’ We’ll work with you to bring your fiberglass pultrusions to life. Not every manufacturer in our industry has the willingness to listen a little longer, work a little harder, or respond a little faster. So why not Contact Us today – isn’t it time you started to experience the power of pultrusion?

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