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The versatility of fiberglass is undeniable. It’s fast replacing traditional materials like steel, wood, aluminum and other plastics in many applications in almost every major industry. If you’re wondering if fiberglass can deliver superior performance and lower lifecycle costs in your application, then you’ve come to the right place.

The Fiberglass Pultrusion Process


FRP vs. Traditional Materials


Pultrusion is a proven manufacturing process that produces continuous lengths of reinforced polymer structural shapes with great efficiency and precision. Simply put, a pultrusion machine pulls a raw material (containing any of a variety of resin types such as epoxy, urethane, polyester, vinyl; and fillers and additives) and reinforcing fibers together through a resin impregnation system, and then through a heated steel die which ‘cures’ the material into what is now a rigid and very strong Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) composite that conforms to the shape of the die. The FRP composite continuously exits the pultrusion die and is cut to the required profile length in a final cut-off operation. Secondary operations are then applied to produce the finished product.

Custom Solutions

At Fiberglass Innovations, we have the ability to produce on our machines, and using existing or special-design tooling, the widest array of custom fiberglass profiles to meet the specific requirements and performance characteristics of your custom application. In the lengths needed for rebar… the strength required by seawall…with the wall thicknesses needed for a utility crossarm…in all the shapes required.

Standard Solutions

Chances are, you’ve seen our standard FRP composite handles on mops, rakes, brooms, axes, sledges and handtools on display at your local Ace Hardware or Lowe’s, or removed one when you pulled the flagstick at your favorite golf course. Our FRP composite rescue tools – the Leatherhead line – are likely a favorite with your local law enforcement, firefighters and rescue professionals for their light weight and rugged durability. In these and dozens of other applications, Fiberglass Innovations is the industry’s proven, dependable source.