Design it

Achieving superior product performance starts with a deep understanding of the pultrusion process, the properties and characteristics of various material options, designing a pultrusion profile and structure, and many other factors. Fiberglass Innovations’ design, engineering and manufacturing teams have the experience and resources needed to optimize the product design and manufacturing process for maximum product performance – and for best overall project results related to manufacturability, cost and delivery.

Pultrude it

To get it right, the fiberglass pultrusion process is a unique combination of science and ‘art’. It’s not enough to just have the pultrusion equipment. Years of experience, a vast and expanding array of standard and custom profiles, an understanding of material types and their properties – all converge on the shop floors of Fiberglass Innovations to ensure the optimization of product and process. Capabilities include:

  • Raw Materials: Polyesters, vinylesters, epoxy resins, glass fiber, urethane
  • Standard and custom profiles: T and L, I-Beam, box, tube, channel, angle, flat

Fabricate it

We have extensive resources in-house to add value and/or perform additional machining operations on
products to help minimize the time and cost usually associated with secondary operations, including:

  • Cutting to length
  • Milling, drilling, boring and routing holes, notches, slots and other features.
  • Sanding
  • Painting
  • Resin sealing
  • Assembly
  • Crating