Success Stories

We’re imagining, inventing, producing and bringing fiberglass pultruded products to life every day at Fiberglass Innovations. A few recent examples:

Finally: A better utility pole crossarm

Utilities have been building and installing wooden utility poles and crossarms the same way since Thomas Edison. Now there’s a better crossarm that’s lighter, stronger, easier and, by all accounts, cheaper to install: the fiberglass crossarm from Fiberglass Innovations. With high dielectric strength, impervious to rot or woodpecker, these new deadend and tangent crossarms are just what the utilities asked for.

Get a handle on durability, cleanliness

It’s a fact: wood or metal mop and broom handles don’t stand up particularly well or last very long in many of the environments they’re used in. Wood absorbs moisture and dirt and can harbor harmful germs and bacteria; metal rusts and can be easily bent.   That’s why more manufacturers today are turning to our fiberglass pultrusion handle solutions for longer-lasting durability and easy cleaning – a particularly desirable characteristic in food, healthcare and even home environments.

More protection against the elements

For many home and business owners living and operating in a marine environment, seawalls, bulkheads and retaining walls are the first line of defense against shore erosion and punishing wave action and tidal changes. Wood, steel and concrete are the traditional materials for these installations – but they corrode, rust and deteriorate over time. Increasingly, these structures are being made from pultruded fiber reinforced polymer composites. They offer better performance, much longer life cycles and low environmental impact – all helping contribute to significant cost savings.